Wood Flooring

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We have a wide range of woods and laminates to choose from. Generally wooden floors go well in halls and living rooms, but can of course be installed in any location that is not damp or subject to excessive water.



Is a light brown hardwood with a fine silky grain and even texture.



Ranges in colour depending on age and can start as a pale pink to a dark red when fully aged.



Is a light coloured wood, ranging from light almost white to a grey-washed look



The most popular and versatile of the hardwoods, is available lacquered, oiled or brushed and oiled.


Floors are available in a wide range of colours and finishes, Ash, Beech, Cherry, Oak and more.

Also available are a variety of oil stains, black, white, walnut, mahogany to name a few.

Wooden floors vary in cost depending on the materials. The more common, widely available materials are cheapest. Oak in it’s more knotty form and in narrow planks is cheapest, getting more expensive as the planks get wider or more knot free. This is true of just about any wood, with the rustic versions being the cheapest.



Parquet flooring comes in a variety of designs, herringbone, basket weave and ladder being among the most traditional. When first installed parquet flooring can be finished or unfinished there are many options to consider when deciding on the look you require. As flooring specialists we would be happy to advise and discuss the different options with you



Flooring has many advantages over solid wood, it is vastly more durable and easier to maintain. It is also more suitable for limited budgets compared to solid wood floors. Laminate floors have progressed considerably in recent times and now come in as many varieties and colours as you could possibly ever need.

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